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Why do people choose Chubb? There’s no one answer, but there are plenty of reasons.

From underwriting and claims and commercial risk engineering and residential risk consulting services, our reputation for superior service is second to none. Chubb’s professionals around the world are always striving to deliver exceptional service to our customers and business partners. It’s who we are.

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Road warriors

How do you keep your employees healthy when they travel on business? Check for outbreaks as you'd check the weather before your trip.

Keeping travelers healthy on business trips is a major concern for employers. As employees go to both high and low risk destinations all over the world, the threat of contracting infectious diseases becomes a reality. As part of an organization’s duty of care, companies are increasingly implementing preventative strategies to help ensure employees’ health and safety.

A walk in the parking lot

Where are you leaving your high-value vehicles at night? Locking the doors isn’t enough to secure your fleet when it’s not being used. Keeping high-value vehicles (HVVs) out of harm’s way presents numerous challenges, but it is well worth the time and money.

Whether it’s an executive fleet, a group of utility vehicles or bloodmobiles, or a CEO’s personal collection, these vehicles are precious to their drivers and the organization, and often constitute a significant financial or emotional investment. Whether these vehicles are parked on site or at home, they may require an elevated level of facility and asset protection.

Rags to ruins

Is your home reno about to go up in smoke? Those power tools, flammable liquids, and drop cloths could turn construction into a catastrophe.

Open house

Is your home security system locking emergency personnel out? Get the 411 on how to let 911 responders into your home safely and quickly.

Heads up

Smartphones have created thousands of distracted walkers. Are your drivers trained to be on the lookout? Smartphone games have captured the attention of millions of players this summer. New augmented reality (AR) games place life-like figures and objects in players’ camera screens as they walk with their smartphone in their hand. But these games’ popularity may lead to unintended consequences as distracted pedestrians – focused on their search for the game’s digital monsters and unaware of their surroundings – pose safety risks to themselves.

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Craftmanship is at our core

What if the precision and expertise associated with a finely crafted item were applied to insurance? With an on-the-ground expertise globally, our team is dedicated to redefining what an insurance company can be. At Chubb, we believe insurance is more than underwriting, it's a craft.

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