Welcome Fireman’s Fund Clients

What Happens When My Policies Approach the Time for Renewal?

Depending on when your current policy term ends and in what state it was issued, you may receive an Platinum Portfolio insurance offer from Chubb Personal Risk Services, subject to normal underwriting rules and conditions, instead of receiving a renewal from Fireman’s Fund. You should receive the policy offer about 40 to 45 days before your Fireman’s Fund policy expires.  

Consolidating Your Policies

Your agent or broker may contact you even before your receive your offer from Chubb to discuss opportunities to adjust coverage and consolidate policies, if you have more than one with Fireman’s Fund. With the Platinum Portfolio insurance program, you can often simplify your life by consolidating policies for multiple homes, autos, watercraft, valuable collections, and umbrella liability into one package policy with just one bill.

Notice of Fireman’s Fund Withdrawal

Finally, in many states, you will receive a notice of withdrawal from Fireman’s Fund. This is a formality required by the insurance departments to make sure that you are aware of Fireman’s Fund’s decision to exit the personal insurance business in your state. It may arrive before or after you receive the policy offer from Chubb. If it comes before, rest assured that you will receive an offer of insurance from Chubb, subject to normal underwriting rules and conditions.