Renters Insurance

  • You don’t have to own your residence to have significant risks.

Whether you own or you rent your home, Chubb can help protect your personal property with worldwide, all risk coverage and exceptional claims service.

Renter’s Insurance Coverage Highlights

If you live in an apartment that you rent, the owner is usually responsible for insuring the structure, but little else. Our Masterpiece® renters coverage offers broad coverage, including:

  • Coverage for the full cost to replace belongings
  • Primary, worldwide car rental coverage when your liability limit is $1 million or more*
  • World renowned claim service

Helpful Hints

U. S. statistics show that renters experience higher rates of property crime, theft and burglary than people who own their homes1, yet nearly two-thirds of renters don't carry renters insurance2. Don't be a statistic - make sure you are covered.

1 US Bureau of Justice 2005 Survey
2 2009 survey by IIAB

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The Value of Your Renter’s Policy