Rec Marine FAQs

To assist you in learning more about Chubb and our unsurpassed marine insurance products, we’ve provided answers to some common questions below. If you have other questions or would like additional information, please email us or visit Recreational Marine Contacts to find the Chubb Recreational Marine office that serves your state.

How do I obtain an insurance quotation?

If you are an appointed Chubb Recreational Marine agent or broker, please contact your underwriter. If you are not an appointed Chubb producer, please e-mail us and we can refer you to a recreational marine wholesale agent who represents Chubb, or see below for more information about new agency appointments.

How do I report a claim?

Report Recreational Marine claims by phone or fax to our Marine Claims Department in Wilmington, DE (Phone: 800 945-7461 / Fax: 877 746-4619). You can download and print our Recreational Marine Claims Procedures guide for quick reference. Additional information, including our toll-free number to report claims after regular business hours or on weekends and holidays, can be found by clicking Report a Claim.

Who do I call for underwriting/service?

For underwriting and service of both new and existing policies, please contact the Chubb office that handles your agency.

Where do I mail an application?

Completed applications for Recreational Marine insurance should be mailed to the regional underwriting office responsible for your agency.  

What type of billing plans do you offer?

We offer both agency and direct bill options. Our direct bill payment options for a Small Boat, Yacht, Charter, Classic Boat and Performance Boat include:

Single Pay: Annual
Two Pay: Semi-Annual ($300 minimum annual premium)
Four Pay: Quarterly ($500 minimum annual premium)
Ten Pay: Monthly ($1,500 minimum annual premium)
All Personal Watercraft (PWC) policies are single pay.

Where do customers mail their premium payments?

Customers who are direct billed for their Chubb policy should mail their payments together with the remittance stub to:


Direct Bill Payment
Dept. CH 14089
Palatine, IL 60055-4089
Overnight Payments:
Chicago Regional Lockbox
Attn: Box #14089
5505 N. Cumberland Ave., Suite 301
Chicago, IL 60656

Who do I call to get answers to billing questions? 

Please call the Chubb Financial Center in Wilmington, Delaware for both direct bill and agency bill inquiries. The toll-free number is 877 490-7427. Listen to the voice prompt and select the appropriate option based upon whether your question is direct bill or agency bill related.

Who do I contact to be considered for a Recreational Marine agency appointment with Chubb?

If you are interested in exploring an agency appointment with Chubb, please go to Recreational Marine Contacts and contact the Regional Agency Manager assigned to your state. Potential agents should have an established portfolio of profitable marine business, or access to a reasonable volume of new and profitable marine business to be considered.