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Fireman's Fund - Report a Claim

Legacy Fireman’s Fund Policyholders

If you have questions on the claims process, including what information you should have when reporting your claim visit our FAQ section, click here.

If your bill resembles the statement shown above or your policy has a similar logo, please refer to the following Fireman's Fund claims reporting options:

Phone: 1-800-945-7461
Fax: 1-800-678-9847
Your Local Agent:
Contact your agent or broker, who can submit a claim on your behalf

  • Auto Claims (For claims only involving damage to windshields and windows, call 1-888-347-3428.)
  • Property Claims – i.e., home damage and personal property claims
  • Watercraft Claims
  • General Liability – i.e., claims other than auto-related filed against you by another party, such as slips and falls at your home and personal injury; use auto for auto accidents
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