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Family & Cyber

For you and your family when it matters most.

When you’ve achieved a certain level of success in life, you also have exposures that warrant strong protection. From cyberbullying to threats and crimes, Chubb has you covered against the unthinkable.

With our Masterpiece® Family Protection, we can help cover expenses if you or a family member is a victim of cyber crimes almost anywhere in the world.

We’ll help you recover with reimbursements for medical expenses, psychiatric services, and rest and recuperation as prescribed by a physician.

We can also pay for additional security measures, and in some cases, the cost of hiring a public relations firm or a forensic analyst to help resolve a threat. Your home or auto deductible may be reimbursed if your property is damaged. Plus, related expenses—such as salary lost and travel costs—may be covered as well.

As a leading provider of personal insurance solutions, we were the first insurer to offer Family Protection coverage.

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For you and your loved ones when you need it most.

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