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  • Crafting excellent wine takes time, care and above all else creativity. That’s why you need an insurer to protect your creation, from vineyard to shelf.

Industry Highlights

You blend the latest technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship to produce top-notch wines. Whether your business is family-owned or going global, your wines represent significant time and talent…and can be highly vulnerable to loss. Consider, for instance:

  • A gondola of estate-grown grapes overturns while in transit to a winery for crush.
  • Two varietals are accidently blended during the winemaking process.
  • A wedding guest slips and falls while dancing on the winery cellar floor.
  • Insecticides applied in the vineyard on a windy day drift onto neighboring property.
  • As wine-in-process is transferred from a large tank, 5,000 gallons spill to the ground.

Chubb offers scalable solutions to help protect your business, from your oldest vines to your newest packaging.

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Manage Risks

For a winery, an earthquake can mean anything from the loss of a few barrels of wine to an entire harvest. Losses can often total millions of dollars.

Learn more about how you can protect your winery from earthquake related losses.

Coverage Solutions

Craftsmen of Insurance℠ - Katelyn's Story

Craftsmanship℠ requires attention to detail and technical proficiency. So as Craftsmen of Insurance℠ we demand excellence of ourselves and take personal accountability for our work. Insurance is personal. And it’s personal to us, too. Meet Chubb Risk Engineer Katelyn Foster, sharing, in her words, the expertise and commitment to excellence that goes into serving every Chubb customer.