Marine Insights

Our Marine leadership team devotes time and resources to researching and understanding the latest trends and opportunities within the marine industry.  

Stray Electric Current Safety for Marinas and Yacht Clubs

Whether you are gearing up for the high season or conducting routine maintenance, this checklist from Chubb’s loss control specialists may help you identify and reduce the likelihood of an electrical incident that could result in property damage, bodily injury or loss of life.

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Achieving a Safe and Well-Maintained Marina

Chubb’s loss control specialists provide a checklist for the nine key points for maintaining a safe marina: launch areas, fueling, buildings/structures, housekeeping, storage, docks, burglary and theft prevention, fire protection and general maintenance.

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Preparing Marinas for Hurricane Season

Developing and implementing a hurricane emergency action plan can reduce damages before, during and after a hurricane. Chubb’s checklist will provide guidance on how to execute best practices for your emergency action plan.

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Preparing Marinas for the Off Season

Many marina and yacht club owners prepare for haul out and winterization services before the fall. Chubb’s checklist is a guideline on preparing marinas for the off season with a focus on general safety, self-propelled trailers, mobile boat hoists, marine forklifts, blocking and rack storage.

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Slip and Fall Prevention During Boat Shows

Slip and fall incidents are not uncommon at boat shows and can create serious danger and liability for marinas. Chubb’s loss control specialists provide tips on how to control risk of tripping and falling hazards.

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Cargo Tips

Transporting, storing and handling cargo can be risky and costly. Chubb’s Loss Control Specialists share tips on how to prevent these exposures from affecting your cargo.

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Builders’ Risk: Water Damage or Flood?

Chubb’s inland marine specialists address how to distinguish between water damage, flood, or storm surge, how to mitigate exposures and how to protect your long-term construction project.

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Driving Change: Public-Private Partnerships

Chubb’s specialists acknowledge the expanded risks behind public-private partnerships as well as how the structure impacts the risk transfer available through insurance for the different phases of a long-term project.

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