Why We Play: Gary Morris

Gary Morris, CEO at Rampart Insurance Services from Long Island, New York, shares his story about why he and his team choose to participate in the Chubb Charity Challenge every year:

“I’ve been participating in the Chubb Charity Challenge since day one, and playing in the tournament is always an enjoyable way to give back. Plus, we’ve won our regional tournament twice, so we have bragging rights. However, what’s most important and what inspires me to get out there every year is the charity we chose and the relationship we have with Chubb.

We represent the Cohen Children's Medical Center because it is an organization that is very near and dear to my family’s heart. I’ve always known Cohen Children’s as a great organization that helps thousands of kids every year. But what really opened my eyes to the amazing services and people at Cohen Children’s was my cousin’s diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma about 22 years ago when he was just 15 years old. My family tried to be there for him in whatever way we could, spending every day in the hospital for six to nine months, sleeping on the floor while we watched him struggle through chemotherapy. However, we couldn’t do it alone. It was the staff at Cohen Children’s that made a meaningful difference in his quality of life. Seeing how caring everyone at the hospital was — not just doctors and nurses, but even the cafeteria workers and laundry staff — showed us how special this place truly is for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses and their families.

“That’s what I love about the Chubb Charity Challenge: it brings people together in a fun and meaningful way.”

Whenever an opportunity arises to raise money and give back to Cohen Children’s, I take it. In 2012, I became the chairman of Cohen Children’s Circle, which is the fundraising arm of the hospital. I was motivated to get involved and stay involved to make sure that kids like my cousin can get this kind of special care that puts a smile on their faces every day, because every kid deserves at least that much. My aunt passed away about seven years ago, and we built a playroom at Cohen Children’s called Pam’s Playroom in her honor. We know how much it would have meant to her to give the kids a place to go that’s just a nice breath of fresh air. Helping Cohen Children’s does a lot more than just benefit the kids at the hospital; the community reach is outstanding.

That’s what I love about the Chubb Charity Challenge: it brings people together in a fun and meaningful way. It makes people feel good to know their time and money is going to organizations like Cohen Children’s, and Chubb is truly, genuinely happy to be involved. Through the tournament, Chubb partners with their agents to get involved in something that is important to each individual player. I think that’s what makes our relationship with Chubb so impactful.

I’m pleased to report that my cousin is doing well! In fact, he is now a producer working in my office. This is just further proof of the amazing work that Cohen Children’s does and all the more reason they deserve our support."

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