Planning for the Future

Life is filled with ups and downs. Planning for lifelong financial security can prepare you for unforseen events and allows you to explore your dreams without worries. Chubb’s wide range of customisable insurance products ensures that you can do both confidently.

Chubb Platinum Plus Insurance PlanTM

A long-term wealth accumulation plan for a brighter future.

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Forever Diamond Plan

A whole life savings plan offering guaranteed lifetime coupons, with different premium payment periods and life protection options to suit your individual needs.

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Golden Touch Saver Plan II

An ideal plan to help you build a golden future

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Golden Touch Mega Saver Plan

A flexible plan that allows you to make additional contributions on top of basic premium, helping you to accumulate wealth and reach your financial goals.

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Golden Touch ULife Plan II

A flexible plan to fulfill your protection and wealth accumulation needs

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Perpetual Life Series

Maintaining your wealth means keeping it safe and secure throughout your lifetime. Perpetual Life Series offers the key to whole life protection for true lifelong coverage, with no age limit.

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