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Collector Car

  • No kilometer restrictions for hobby use
  • Agreed Value coverage
  • Use the restoration shop of your choice for covered repairs

We understand your passion for the vehicles you collect, restore and drive. We understand that beyond an investment, a collector vehicle is a highly personal possession that embodies your many dreams brought to life. This is why we’ve made every effort to build the best collector vehicle insurance program in the business.

Exceptional Coverage 

Some examples of our innovative coverages and features include:

Agreed Value Coverage that can increase with the value of your vehicle
The value of your vehicle is determined at the time you purchase your policy, so if your vehicle suffers a covered total loss, there’s no haggling over value.

Choice Of Body Shop
Chubb allows you to choose the facility that will repair your vehicle after a covered loss.

No Kilometer Restrictions
The policy does not limit coverage for hobby use of your vehicle in collector activities, exhibits and parades, so you can fully enjoy your collector vehicle without monitoring the odometer.

Coverage for Newly Acquired Vehicles Worldwide
Once you have a Chubb Collector Vehicle policy, your coverage automatically extends to any new collector vehicles you buy anywhere in the world for 30 days from the date of purchase. The additional coverage is limited to the new vehicle’s verified purchase price. When the new vehicle is added to your policy, the additional premium will be applied retroactively to reflect your ownership from the date of purchase.

No Deductible
A deductible does not apply to any of your collector vehicles insured through Chubb’s Collector Vehicle program.

Up to $3,000 To Help Cover Losses To Trailers
Chubb provides $3,000 of coverage for any customized trailer used to transport a collector vehicle.

Evacuation Expense Coverage
We will pay for the reasonable costs you incur to move your collector vehicle, up to $500 for each collector vehicle, should your collector vehicle be endangered by a covered peril. These costs can include the reasonable expenses incurred for fuel, paid drivers, and temporary storage of your collector vehicle.

Fair Replacement of Parts
If you experience a covered loss, we’ll help you to properly restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition and authenticity.

Off-Premises Coverage
If you purchase a collector vehicle that needs immediate repairs, you don’t have to wait for your vehicle to leave the body shop to insure it. With Cubb, you can obtain a policy as soon as the title changes hands. Protection form covered losses that occur while your vehicle is located at the body shop is provided automatically

Recovery Reward Coverage
Should your collector vehicle get stolen, we will pay up to 10% of the appraised amount of the collector vehicle or $5,000, whichever is less, for information not otherwise available leading to the arrest and conviction of any person responsible or leading to the recovery of your collector vehicle.

Safety and Security Inspections For Your Garage Or Storage Facility
For collectors with a collection of vehicles valued at $1 million or more, we offer a complimentary evaluation of your garage facility. The comprehensive review includes a written report that offers recommendations to maximize safety and minimize exposures to theft and other types of losses.

Referrals To Top Restoration Specialists When Needed
With over 40 years of experience settling collector vehicle claims for over 20,000 collectors, Chubb has seen it all. Look to Chubb to quickly refer you to some of of the best restorers and parts dealers in North America.