Chubb Canada Claims, delivering the Chubb promise

When you are a Chubb customer, you are purchasing a promise – Chubb’s promise to fulfill our end of the insurance agreement and provide you with claims service that is world class.

Report a Chubb Claim

If Chubb has written your policy, this is where you can file your claim.

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Report an ACE Claim

If ACE has written your policy, this is where you can file your claim.

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I Am Not Sure

If you aren’t sure which company wrote your policy, find more information on how to submit a claim.

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Answers to all of your pertinent claims questions.

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Areas of Claims Handling

Find out more about A&H, Auto & Property, Casualty, Financial Lines and House Counsel and who to contact if you have a specific question.

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The Chubb Claim Difference

We take great pride in our claims handling responsibilities and over the years have built a name and a reputation for providing empathetic claims service in a fair and prompt manner.

As claims management has become increasingly complex and lines of business more diverse, we continue to be guided by our original claims principle: treat each customer the way we would like to be treated if we were to experience the same loss, with empathy, promptness, expertise, fairness and integrity.

Claims Team Core Values offer you:

World Class Service

  • A commitment to hiring and retaining claims professionals renowned in the industry for their technical expertise and thought leadership
  • Local expertise with bilingual claims examiners and offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver
  • Prompt response times when a customer reports a loss. We are ready 24/7. Our service centers in Canada take calls around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • All international losses are handled by our Multinational Claims Unit (MCU) which handles calls in 140 languages through a toll-free number accessible 24 hours a day.
  • A dedicated CAT team to respond if catastrophe strikes-from an ice storm or a forest fire to the collapse of a building or a gas explosion. The CAT team will be immediately assembled and dispatched to meet with our insureds to investigate and assess loss to get our insureds back on the road to recovery.


  • We believe that conducting business in an honourable and professional fashion is our highest priority.

Reserve Adequacy

  • An insurance company’s promise to pay is only as good as its ability to pay. Chubb continues to receive high ratings for financial stability from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s-all independent evaluators of the insurance industry. Our financial strength demonstrates our ability to be there when you need us most. We establish early and accurate reserves to assure our ability to pay claims now and in the future.

Equitable Treatment of all Customers

  • We take our responsibility to fulfill our promise to pay in case of a covered loss seriously. Whether you are an emerging technology firm, a midsize exporter or a manufacturer with facilities worldwide, you can expect the same world class claims service.
What is the Chubb Difference?

The Chubb claims team is the largest in-house claims team in Canada. Learn more about what else makes us special.