Customer Service

We know that customer service - and in particular, claims handling – is an important measure of an insurance company's worth. Chubb proves its expertise to customers like you by using only the best resources available to handle every claim fairly and speedily.

Chubb Assistance for Business and Leisure Travel Policyholders

Invaluable emergency and non-emergency aid for travel policyholders, with added security measures designed for uncertain times.

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Claims for Individuals & Families

Step-by-step guide for individuals and families seeking to make a claim with Chubb, with downloadable forms included.

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Claims for Businesses

A step-by-step guide for businesses that want to make a claim with Chubb, with downloadable claim forms included.

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Online Claims Submissions

Different ways of submitting a claim with Chubb’s Claim Centre, plus other useful tips and advice on claim submission.

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Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Procedures on how to lodge complaints and resolve disputes arising out of your experience with Chubb’s products and services.

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Financial Services Guide

A financial services guide from Chubb to help you decide if we have the right products and solutions for your needs.

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