Learning & Development

At Chubb, client and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. When our employees are well trained, ready to respond and comfortable in their roles, they interact with clients – and each other – in a proactive, informed and positive way. That’s why we believe that enabling growth, and encouraging employees to diversify and expand their abilities, are a significant part of Chubb’s commitment to its people.

At Chubb, we constantly create learning and development programmes as well as guidelines that are designed to identify common standards and methodologies in support of the Chubb strategic vision.

Building on this foundation, we offer development opportunities that are uniform and relevant across the global organisation. These opportunities represent building blocks for our core competencies, so they’re continually updated and reinforced with employees around the globe. Additional learning, continuing education, professional certification and employee development courses are also available online for all employees. It’s our way of empowering those who work with us to ensure they reach their full potential, whatever their role or designation may be.