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Retail Staff Protection Insurance

Retailers have faced increased economic and commercial pressures in recent years, and the moral obligation to adequately protect their staff from undue and avoidable risks has never been greater. Chubb has responded with a package of tailored insurance to help retailers protect themselves and their employees against the most common and emerging risks they may face in the modern retail environment.

Coverage Highlights

What it covers

Retail Staff Protection Insurance

  • Return to Work Assistance

Provides reimbursement for expenses incurred to assist employees to return to work following Bodily Injury or Sickness.

  • Premature Birth/Miscarriage Benefit

Benefit offers a lump sum payment to your employees who sustain an injury which results in premature birth or miscarriage (prior to 26 weeks).

  • Air or Road Rage Benefit

A lump sum payment to employees who suffer Bodily Injury as a result of being a victim of an Air or Road Rage Incident.

  • Streaming Service Subscription Benefit

Available to employees who are certified unfit for work for a period of 8 weeks, the benefit reimburses costs involved for any streaming service the employee subscribes or wishes to subscribe to.

  • Corporate Image Protection

Provides a lump sum payment to an organisation to cover costs associated with positive promotion of your business following the accidental death or permanent total disablement of one of your employees.

  • Accidental HIV Infection Benefit

Accidental HIV infection benefit offers a lump sum to employees should they receive an injury which results in a positive infection with the HIV virus.

  • Terrorism Injury Benefit - Lump Sum Benefit

Affords a lump sum to employees who suffer an injury due to an Act of Terrorism, for which a 100% permanent disablement benefit is payable.

  • Witnessing Terrorism Benefit - Lump Sum Benefit

A lump sum payment to employees who do not suffer injury but have witnessed an Act of Terrorism whilst at work, travelling or commuting to work on on your organisation's behalf, and subsequently suffer post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Terrorism Benefit - Temporary Disablement Benefits

Weekly benefits to employees who are unable to work as a result of disablement caused by being involved in a terrorism event.

Work Hours Only Coverage

  • Stress Lump Sum

If an employee has a valid Workers Compensation claim for stress, Chubb will pay them a lump sum benefit. 

  • Personal Leave Benefit

Provides a daily amount to cover an employee's loss of income if they are unable to attend work due to circumstances outside their control.

  • Armed Holdup Injury Benefit

A lump sum benefit payable to employees who are working on an organisation's behalf and who suffer injury as a result of a criminal assault.

  • Armed Holdup Benefit

Benefit to employees who witness a violent criminal act whilst they are on their organisation's premises.

Assistance Services

  • Chubb Assistance - Travel and Medical Assistance

Chubb Assistance supports the business traveller with a range of emergency medical advice and travel assistance services, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

  • red24 - Travel Security Advice and Assistance

Chubb has partnered with red24, a crisis management assistance company, to provide policyholders and covered travellers with a range of security services.

Chubb Retail Staff Protection Insurance is issued and underwritten by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited, ABN 23 001 642 020, AFSL No. 239687 (Chubb). Chubb only provides general advice and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. To decide if this product is right for you and to obtain a copy of the Retail Staff Protection Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), contact a Chubb Global or Independent Broker Unit representative today.

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